Finally, an update...

Please excuse my dust as we begin to update the site. 

My plan is to take and then connect the dots between all sites. I will continue to blog on this site because of my early  developed internet real estate and I will continue to blog again.

We came up on Typepad before Wordpress became the powerhouse that it is. As amazing as the Wordpress format is we have multiple sites brute force attacked and hacked. I personally have spent hours recovering Wordpress sites.

Additionally we have sites built on our own Jugglemail format which is ideal for membership based sites, Dojos, Dance Studios, etc. 

Both Typepad and Jugglemail have been safer, less hack-able formats.

I look forward to writing again.

Please excuse the dust. 


My keyboard broke so I broke down and got a Mechanical Keyboard...

I finally replaced my keyboard with a Razer BLACKWIDOW Tournament Mechanical Keyboard. After my HP Elite Keyboard finally stopped working, well actually a few of the keys kept sticking or not working depending on how you look at it. (Yes! I did clean it several times.)

image from

When you have to over hit a key in order for it to work, it can get rather annoying. Time for a new keyboard...

image from

In the interim I picked up a used Microsft Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. At first I thought what a great idea but it was difficult to make the adjustment. After playing the piano since the age of 5, my hands need to stay above the keys and not rest against the keyboard. 

That brings me to to the use of an actual Mechanial Keyboard. After testing several boards. I physically liked the Corsair Mechanicals but they were out, bummer because there was a good sale at FRYS.

I looked at the Razers and they felt quite comparable. I went with the Tournament edition without the keypad which is kind of a bummer. I thought I would really miss it but truthfully since I have been using a laptop for so long. I don't really miss it. 

Additionally I bought into the marketing of their own redesigned mechanical switched with a 60 million keystroke life span.

So far I dig it, typing feels incredibly precise. I am enjoying the click of the keys and I am not frustrated by trying to type the simple things. I am just back to being frustrated over my one typical typing and spelling errors.

Even though this is a gaming keyboard I probably will not play an actual game on it for quite a while.

The product which is packaged and presented very well. This board was ment for travel gaming so it comes with a sexy velvet travel case.

However, I have one fear so far of this board, the mini-usb connection. When I took it out the first thing that I thought of was that this mini-USB seems a little weak. 

Apparently after reading a few reviews it is problematic. Probably not so much for me since I do not plan on really traveling with the board.


In the Prosumer tech world we see this again and again. A $2500 camera brought to its knees from a .50 connector that is unsupported. 

My M-Audio pro-sumer 88 keycontroller USB port is also bad from simple use. One of our LED light panels has a very iffy weak power supply that needs to be wiggled sometimes. My laptop needs a new power supply. I am sure that you can come up with a few examples yourselves.

What do I take away from this...

  • Reviews are good.
  • Physically testing out the keyboards multiple times helped me come to a decision.

Look for the weakest link and be cautious and supportive of it. We tape extra play into the cable lines so that the stress point is not the connector.

In the media world we use Gaffers tape. I have these mini gaff roles of tape that I use everywhere for labeling of FLASH CARDS fir DIT. Marking the mixers, hard drives and of course taping cords so that there is slack and the stresspoint is not on the connector. 


So far So Good...

I like the Razer BlackWidow Tourmanent keyboard. Great price for a mechanical keyboard with 60 million keystroke life space and 10 roll-over anti ghosting.

Only problems are.. No Keypad and the suspect weak mini USB. 



I like typing on this board and I specifically spent some time to type this out to test it out and get back in the groove. 

  • Razer™ Mechanical Switches with 50g actuation force
  • 60 million keystroke life span
  • Compact layout
  • 10 key roll-over anti-ghosting
  • Fully programmable keys with on-the-fly macro recording
  • Detachable braided fiber USB cable with cable strap
  • Carrying sleeve for protection
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling
  • Razer Synapse 2.0 enabled
  • Approximate size: 366mm/14.40” (Width) x 154mm/6.06” (Height) x 30mm/1.18” (Depth)
  • Approximate weight: 950g/2.09lbs




Kamatoy Media Group Summer 2013 Update

As the Summer comes to an end we wanted to give you a quick update of what’s been happening...

The Summer of 2013 has been both rewarding and exhausting for the KMG team. From corporate events to entertainment and the martial arts, we have been working hard to help keep the wheels rolling for our many clients. We wanted to share just a few of the many events we have been working on.

The summer began early as KMG’s David Kamatoy and producer/musician Tony Woodroffe collaborated on the musical direction for Kroc Junior Theater’s production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s CATS. The show included young actors from elementary school through college age and was presented at the Joan Kroc Theater in East San Diego. With direction by Laura Hodge, this talented young cast brought the antics of T.S. Eliot’s frenzied felines to life for appreciative audiences. The KMG team also provided marketing and media assistance for the production.

Moving on into the summer, we had the opportunity to partner with AMB Publicity to cover the 2013 National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Pacific Southwest Chapter Emmy® Awards at the Red Rock Hotel Casino Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada. David Kamatoy and Jason Carlage worked the red carpet, speaking with presenters, nominees and sponsors of the 39th annual event, including Master of Ceremonies Barry Shabaka Henley. Several video interviews have been posted from the event.

With summer comes travel season, and clean car is a happy car. We helped to organize and promote the grand opening of the Sorrento Valley Soapy Joe’s, the newest location for this San Diego-based family-owned line of car care centers. David Kamatoy was joined by actor/producer Mark Christopher Lawrence (NBC’s Chuck and Mark Christopher Lawrence Presents) and UFC fighter Joey “The Mexicutioner” Beltran. Also spending time at Soapy Joe’s were radio personalities Chio from KISS FM 95.7 and Nathan Frost from Channel 93.3, celebrity photographer Gabriela Stark and Dan “The Balloon Man” McClellan.

Summer also included the Fourteenth Annual Masters Hall of Fame Awards Banquet, held at the Costa Mesa Hilton on Saturday, June 22. This was the fourth year that KMG has worked with the Masters Hall of Fame to promote the event, which honors top martial artists every year such as Don “The Dragon” Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock and Kenpo legend Bob White. This year the event honored Women in the Martial Arts and featured Full-Contact Muay Thai Champion Lisa King, aka “The Black Widow,” as guest speaker.

KUSI's Alexis DelChiaro and Kevin Fulton with Mark Christopher Lawrence

Closer to home, David Kamatoy and Mark Christopher Lawrence took on the 2013 Comic Con at the San Diego Convention Center, covering the action in their own unique style. The pair interviewed participants, celebrities and fans at the annual celebration of all things geek. Former triple-jump Olympian-turned-Media creator Von Ware and friends joined them to document the action.

Right after the Con Mark Christopher Lawrence was asked to present at the First Annual Geekie Awards which oddly had a lot of our friends involved in the industry. It was a good way to end the events of the summer. (Pics coming soon)

We are still wrapping up various videos and media from all the projects and will continue to post.

“We’re very excited about everything that’s been going on these last few months,” said Kamatoy. “We’ve seen some great projects really take flight, and we’re looking forward to taking on some new projects in the next few months. We have a number of very cool concepts in the works and are hoping to expand even further.”

For more information about how we can help you with your business or project, please contact Kamatoy Media Group at or call 619-573-9456.


David Kamatoy & Stephen Prendergast

My head is coming online at the strangest hours...

For many years I considered myself a night person and while I stil believe that to be true, I am finding myself becoming a really early morning person.

The world of RENDERING and ASSEMBLING video has created these NAP GAPS. I recall stories of how Bob Hope did all the USO shows by catching naps wherever and whenever he could. 

What's happening is that my subconcious mind is sort of clearing the plate for the tasks ahead and by napping or doing a little self hypnosis it seems to be giving the juice to be productive. 

I mean let's face it, you desk jockeys know the worst case senario is getting ready to work and then sitting in front of the computer waiting for something to happen. 

I think in the world of social media it's even worse. "Hey look Facebook, Ooh twitter, oh damn EBAY!" 

So here are a few tricks that I am currently employing....

20 Min. Timer

There is an app. But I float this puppy over my work and try to accomplish something in 20 minutes. It's also a good way to take a break when needed. Thanks to TV and 22 min. We are used to working and seeing in 22 min. segments. You can focus a lot in 20 minutes. 

Online Video Hulu\

I watch a lot of online video in the background. For work that requires medium focus it works fine. TV and docs have a tendency to be better than Films. Since Films are written to be visual you miss a lot by not watching them. Television on the other hand is still written very RADIO + VISUALS. Most shows you can know what's happening without watching too closely. 

Online MUSIC Pandora

I am sure most of you do this already. But music is the default fun cool. My personal problem is that I fricking play and produce music so this can become its own DAMN DISTRACTION. Thus the Classical music is a great default.

Baroque Baby

(I recently subscribed to Pandora  love it. I interviewed Tim Westergren back in the day. And all I can say is CONTINUED SUCCESS.)

b-12 + Caffeine. 5 hour energy etc. 

  • 5 Hour Energy still works well
  • DynaPep- I am liking these days
  • Labrada Power Shot
  • I also get sublingual b-12 and b complex

I am trying to do more shots than the energy drinks and then drink more water with Enegen C or its equivalent. 


I am avoiding Ritalin, Nicotine and Meth at this point. However I am looking forward to BREAKING BAD. 

I am in the process of finishing off some rather big projects and have had to take a moment to address my health due to a persitent little cough that popped up. So just a quick entry for my PRODUCTIVE FRIENDS OUT THERE. 



David Kamatoy, juggler & producer



Hey Kids! Time to DOODLE for GOOGLE, "What is your best day EVER?"

If you are a kid artist, have a kid artist or are a teacher check out this years DOODLE FOR GOOGLE. 

Here is the official video which really fun.

Directed by Ray Zablocki

DP- M Siegel

The annual "Doodle 4 Google" is happening now and the winning artist will see their work on the Google homepage for a day, win a $30,000 college scholarship, and win a $50,000 technology grant for his or her school.

Some links below

Fun History...

The history of the google doodle is kinda cool beacause it dates back to the beginging of the company and attendance to burning man.. REALLY who knew?

This of course lead to one of the best job titles ever.


Regarding cool jobs, this years judging panels includes...

  • Katie Couric - Journalist and TV-personality
  • Deborah Feingold - Photographer
  • Brian Henson - Chairman of The Jim Henson Company, director, producer, writer and puppeteer
  • Kazu Kibuishi - Author and illustrator of the Amulet graphic novel series
  • Aly Raisman - Captain of the U.S. women's gymnastics team, Olympic bronze and gold medalist
  • Chris Sanders - Writer and director of Lilo & Stitch and How to Train your Dragon
  • Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson - Drummer, DJ and member of The Roots
  • Pendelton Ward - Creator of the animated series Adventure Time

DUDE "?uestlove" Thompson =).



Thy Cold is Over...Now What?

Good News Bad News...

Bad News- I caught a cold.

Good News- It was literally at the end of a shooting gig out of town. It did not interfere directly with that gig, however it did slow me down. 

I am always amazed at how healthy I get after a cold.

  • I stop eating MUCUS inducing food. (Milk yogurt, cheese.)
  • I take a ton of vitamins Wellness formula.
  • In theory I should be sleeping more but I really don't.
  • I tend to take a lot of Pseudephedrine which of course does not really allow me to sleep well. 

I am able to get some things done but it really affects the ability to be extroverted, it just takes so much energy not to cough, talk safely around people, etc. 

New thoughts on this cold run.

  • I wish I got more regular sleep.
  • I will endevour to keep the healthy food going. 
  • I would like to be more productive (lol).

The bottom line is that I lost productivity because of the cold and now I have to catch up now that I have a bit more focused energy. 

Social Media Management = A LOT OF CLICKING...

As I sit down and decide to throw some time at social media management. I immediatly miss the OLD DAYS when twitter allowed optmization of certain tasks via third-party apps. Oh WELL!

Regardless the more accounts and aggresive you want to be, the reality is that you have to CLICK A LOT. Vetting and getting rid of people who do not follow you on twitter is one of those realities of social media management that escape certain celebrities. (I am not there yet.) 

I don't really have a solution besides OUTSOURCING, this is just a simple observation and that it's a reality that getting this stuff done is an ongoing process. It's a lot like cleaning, working out or eating well. 

Anyway, I am throwing a few hours in now, well see how far I get. 




Blogging Again..."The more I have to write about the less time I have to write."


David Kamatoy with Lisa King aka The Black Widow
This is me with Kickboxing Champion Lisa King. (Yes! I should be blogging about this.)

"The more I have to write about the less time I have to write." - David Kamatoy, juggler aka blogger

In the age of social media blogging continues to be extremely important. A blog should be the central HUB for all content you create because you own it. In then should be shared via social media leading the public back to your site / brand. 


Content will always be king and in the age of social media it becomes even more and more important. Often we are so busy creating projects and media that we do not optimize them for the web via blogging, press releases, articles, pictures, etc. In many ways that's our continuing goal as a media company. To adequately optimize our media. 

For example the business that goes to the trouble of spending $5000 on a trade show booth but spends no money telling people outside and inside the trade show that they will be at the trade show via press releases, video, pictures, blogging and social media. Just like spending the additional money to staff the booth so should the company optimize it's investment buy budgeting for MEDIA & PR.

A VIRAL HIT + BODY OF WORK = OVERNIGHT SUCCESS (That took 10+ years to build.)

Everytime someone finds something that we or our cliets have done, we want them to see and easily find something else that we have done. This creates multiple impressions, branding, credibility, an increase in database and ideally an increase in revenue.

For example if you have only one video on YOUTUBE and someone sees that video and even loves it. What's the next video that come up on youtube? A: NOT YOURS. Epsecially if that is your only video.

 Verily I say unto thee, the more media the merrier...

"In the age of social media, you can't ignore PR because by definition social media is PR. Take control of it and master it, your doing it anyway, just be mindful of it and improve."

-David Kamatoy juggler aka Host of 'Blog This with David Kamatoy'

This week alone we are producing 11 hours of national & regional radio, 6-10 hours of broadcast television. Additional Videos for the web. Continuing production on 3 musical songs and participating in a international UN Peace concert.(Ooh and I am submitting as a juggler for a national tv commercial =).)

HA! So yes there is a LOT TO BLOG ABOUT. We already producing the media. So now it's time to OPTIMIZE our efforts. 

BUYER BEWARE: There are firms out there taking advantage of people and businesses that NEED SOCIAL MEDIA and then charging hundreds of dollars or more a month. However, if you don't have anything to promote via social media (i.e. blogging) then there is really nothing to build your social media around.

SHAMELESS CTA: We would love to help with creating something to blog about. Give us a call at 619-573-9456 or email us via the contact page,

Anyway! My immediate goal is to start to babble again, that's what this is about. 


David Kamatoy, juggler aka Blogger


Sensei William Christopher Ford “Lifetime Achievement Award” Masters Hall of Fame Video Released

Congratulations to Sensei William Christopher Ford on his induction into Masters Hall of Fame. This video has some nice touches to it thanks to Sensei Fords friends and associates who were kind enough to send testimonials his way.  

Torrance, Calif. - William Christopher Ford, head instructor at The Kaizen Dojo in Torrance, Calif., was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame at the Thirteenth Annual Awards Banquet at the Orange County Hilton in Costa Mesa on Saturday, August 11, 2012. Sensei Ford received a “Lifetime Achievement Award” in recognition of his nearly 40 years in martial arts as a student, teacher and actor. He is a 5th dan in Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate (Kobayashi Ryu).

Sensei Ford, whose mother was born in Japan, began his instructions in 1974 under the late Sensei Richard Rabago and Sensei Rabago’s mentor Hanshi Tadashi Yamashita. Both Sensei Rabago and Hanshi Yamashita were known for their martial arts training and for their film work, and Sensei Ford has followed in their footsteps. In 1989 he appeared with Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita in Karate Kid III, where he played the part of Dennis, one of the Cobra Kai “bad boys.” 

“You embody the very best about what it means to be a martial artist, with your commitment to teaching and to the arts.”

-Sean Kanan, Actor, Karate Kid III

“I’m here because of Sensei (Richard) Rabago  and I’m
Sensei William Christopher Ford
accepting the award, really, on his behalf and dedicating the acceptance of it to him,” Sensei Ford explained in an interview at the Masters Hall of Fame. “I have some great families and kids that I get to work with. It’s my great pleasure and honor to get to teach these kids.”
With nearly four decades of martial arts experience and a number of years working in film, Sensei Ford has worked with many leaders in both fields. Several of them took time to congratulate Sensei Ford on his Lifetime Achievement Award.

“You embody the very best about what it means to be a martial artist, with your commitment to teaching and to the arts,” said actor Sean Kanan, who appeared with Sensei Ford in Karate Kid III. “Remember, Cobra Kai never dies.”


“Kindness and strength of character are two of the greatest testaments that any person can have to the quality of their instructors,” said stunt and fight coordinator David Morizot, who has worked on such shows as NBC’s hit series Chuck. “Your martial arts ethics bring honor both to your teachers and to your system.”

“Kaizen is a Japanese word that means ‘continual improvement,’” Sensei Ford explained, “and that’s the foundation of our philosophy.” Kaizen Dojo teaches the traditional martial art of Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate in a new and progressive way, through the introduction of arts such as Western boxing and jiu-jitsu. In addition to teaching at Kaizen Dojo, Sensei Ford also performs at Pirates Dinner Adventure in Buena Park, Calif., in the role of “Cut-Throat Jack” the Red Pirate. In the choreographed fights in the show the actors perform many martial arts-influenced moves. For more information about Kaizen Dojo, visit their website at The Masters Hall of Fame was founded in 1999 and is recognized as one of the premier Martial Arts events on the West Coast. The association recognizes exceptional Martial Arts Leaders and Legends through induction into the Masters Hall of Fame. This year's event featured keynote speaker Kenpo Legend Bob White and Alumni Don “The Dragon” Wilson. This year's event was sponsored in part by Rising Sun Productions, Don “The Dragon” Wilson’s TraditionZ. For more information visit For press information about the Masters Hall of Fame or William Christopher Ford , please contact Kamatoy Media Group at 619-573-9456.

Craig G. Francis Talks SBA on The Big Biz Show

Craig G. Francis joined us on The Big Biz Show further proving his unique expertise on SBA Loan.  I think one the most immpressive things about Craig is that he ccan talk about getting deals funded in the real world. If you deal only with the BANK you pretty much have only one side and one example of the deal.

San Diego, CA - (Press Release) SBA loan expert Craig G. Francis appears on The Big Biz Show with Bob “Sully” Sullivan to discuss the SBA, loans and the economy. Francis, who has over thirty year of experience in the loan industry, has brokered over 2500 business loans for over $1 billion in funding. He will be joining The Big Biz Show on a regular basis to share his knowledge and understanding of how the business owners and entrepreneurs can take advantage of SBA-guaranteed loans.

“It’s like two people getting married. I’m the matchmaker” 0Craig G. Francis on brokering SBA loans

There are many misconceptions about how SBA loans work, and Francis has the experience and knowledge of the process to help dispel them. Asked what the two biggest myths about SBA loans are, Francis explained that people believe that the federal government makes loans and that the paperwork is burdensome. Both of which could not be farther from the truth.

As Francis explains on The Big Biz Show, the SBA “has never really changed in any major fashion in the last 50 years. What they want to do is get the banks to provide loans to small businesses - that’s their charter.” The SBA does this by providing a guarantee of a portion of loans made by member banks through the process, rather than actually lending money.

As to the myth of heavy paperwork, Francis discounts this completely: “Your SBA loan package can be done with less paperwork to get an answer than a residential loan. And I’ve seen some residential loans.”

The importance of the SBA is this relationship it helps to develop between businesses and banks. “It is a synergistic thing.” Francis explains. “It brings banks, it brings the business owners and it brings the SBA backing the whole thing; and it’s worked well for 50+ years.”

The difficulties arise in knowing how to match the right small business or start-up with the right bank in a way that meets the heavy criteria placed on lenders by federal regulators. As Francis points out, many of the biggest companies today, including FedEx and Nike, started out with SBA funding. “It’s emblematic of what SBA can do at the right time and right place,” he says.

After more than 30 years in lending, Francis knows how to make that relationship work. “It’s a secret,” he says, “but it’s not a big secret. I just happened to have figured out a few ways to massage things to get them to happen.”

“It’s like two people getting married,” Francis says of the process. “I’m the matchmaker.”

In order to help business owners and the general public to better understand the role of the SBA, Francis will be appearing on The Big Biz Show on a regular basis to explain such elements as who would need an SBA loan, the process of applying and how to decide if an SBA loan is the right fit. Viewers and listeners will be able to send in questions about SBA loans, the loan process and what it takes to start a business.

Craig G. Francis is the owner of Francis Financial and The SBA Loan Store. He has been a top producer of SBA Loans since 1981, and has worked with Dun & Bradstreet and Bank of Commerce. Craig Francis has the expertise to steer clients through the often confusing rules and regulations associated with SBA Loans, having helped over 2,500 businesses acquire over a billion dollars in loans. He can be contacted through,, on LinkedIn, or at 888-666-9722.

The Big Biz Show i