A Social Media Birthday...My how things have changed.
10 Videos in 10 Days...

Blog This w/ David Kamatoy 6.24.2011: Twitter Hoaxes, FullScreen.Net, Facebook Acquires Beluga, DigiSign, SBA Craig G Francis,

Blog This w/ David Kamatoy returns with a brand new virtual set, new music and solid content. If you're an entrepreneur, entertainer or e-markter. This is the show to watch. Please RT, Tweet, Digg, Like and of course BLOG THIS. 

We've been wanting to restart the Blog This format for a while and finally it's here. We actually shot 2 episodes but this was the one we ended up going with. The virtual set took longer to build and that was half of the restart battle. Additionally I built the show this time as template format now that we have a format. 

There are a few more elements that we want to add to the show but I am finally happy with the format. I wanted something that is on the edge of crossing over to broadcast television. Something that gives a nod to our radio and television background.

The goal of the show is to be in the conversation of the convergence of media with content, being funny but not totally cowtowing to the let me turn on the camera and be an idiot. While I appreciate the work of the Viral Video Internet Stars I am constantly asking myself, "Why exactly am I watching this?" 

Ideally! We want to make you laugh, think and walk away with something useful that helps you get through the entertainment, entrepreneurial &/or E-marketing world.

 To be a bridge between traditional and social media in a quirky kind of way. Ideally we use this format to spinoff other projects. One that were actuall shooting this Sunday. 

It is definitely an extension of DavidKamatoy.com the blog. The idea that I can talk about whatever I feel is relevant. I believe the spin-offs will become much more niched. 

Anyway enjoy the show! There is my bloggy type rant for the day.