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Happy Monday: I am almost back...Cold Day 7

Cold Day 7- Well performing while in the middle of the cold probably did not help much but I feel better but the CRAP is just getting out of my system and my goal is to be productive while I have my wits about me knowing full well that when my energy goes away I will really have to go with it instead of pushing for a second or third wind.

I was really beat up last week and it sort of took me till today to realize it. 

1. Cold

2. Mechanic leaving me stranded for a few days while I had the cold. 

3. Renegade Bagpipe Player destroying a show.

Oddly though I am still optimistic on a Monday. Although in some ways I felt like I lost a week. 

Anyway this is just a quick journal entry to get the writing moving in the right direction. ROCK ON

Hope everyone has a productive week...



Obama Signs the SBA Jobs Bill...FINALLY

Some say this has taken way too long but the reality is that it's here. What this means from an entrepreneurial standpoint is that this is the uptick weve been waiting for in the private sector.

Some opponents say the TARP Jr. means that banks will make risky loans but the reality is that SBA loans still need great credit and equity. So with great risk comes great reward.

Middle Class Entrepreneurs are the ones that can take the most advantage of these loans and by doing so create jobs. If you have the credit and equity to buy a business, expand or purchase a building.

If you are an entrepreneurial investor its time to look for projects that can benefit from an alliance.

If you are a jobber then look for the expansion or new businesses and walk in and say that you want to be a part of making the business work. 

THIS IS THE WIN WIN WIN weve been looking for and in the next few months and years the actual unemployment will now decrease. 

CHECK OUT CRAIGGFRANCIS.COM, our client if you are interested in accessing an SBA opportunity. We are working on a new interview with him to get his first spin on the signing of the SBA Stimulus.

SBA Increases, Good; $30 Billion Loan Program...


Masters Hall of Fame to Induct Sensei Don Franks

Anaheim, CA - The Masters Hall of Fame, part of the Disney Martial Arts Festival, will induct Sensei Don Franks of Livermore, CA, at its Eleventh Annual Awards Ceremonies on Saturday, June 19, 2010, at the Anaheim Hilton in Anaheim, California. Sensei Franks, who has been involved in the martial arts since age 5, currently runs Bujitsu Academy of Martial Arts in Livermore. The Academy is affiliated with several martial arts leaders, including Professor Eddie Edmunds, Sifu Wade Taylor, Master Miguel Hernandez, and Sensei Jaime Calderon.

Sensei Franks specializes in Combat Aikido, a modern fighting technique that  81614_bujitsu2  combines traditional aikido with elements from other arts such as hapkido, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, and karate. In his 30 years of martial arts experience, Sensei Franks has studied a number of both Eastern and Western fighting styles including Aikido, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kajukenbo, Jiu Jitsu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, and the American Cane System (Canemasters).

For more information about Sensei Don Franks and the Bujitsu Academy of Martial Arts, please visit their website at http://www.bujitsuacademy.com. For press inquiries contact Kamatoy Media Group via email or 619-573-9456.

Sensei Charles Sweigart to Be Inducted into Masters Hall of Fame

Anaheim,CA - Sensei Charles Sweigart of Lakewood Dojo in Washington will be inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame during the Eleventh Annual Awards Ceremonies on Saturday, June 19, 2010, at the Anaheim Hilton in Anaheim, California. The Masters Hall of Fame is presented as part of the Disney Martial Arts Festival. Sensei Sweigart is a 5th Degree Black Belt in Hayashi-ha Shito-ryu karate-do and one of only seven Americans to hold a World Karate Federation kata and kumite referee A license.

In spite of coming to martial arts late, as a college graduate, Sensei Sweigart has a  DSC00201long list of accomplishments to his credit in his 31-year career. He earned his black belt in Shotokan Karate and was U.S. National Karate Federation Champion in 1995, 1996, and 1997. He also holds a blue belt in Gracie jiu-jitsu, and has studied aikido and kendo. As a referee, his greatest thrill was being selected to officiate in the gold medal match at the 2004 Karate World Championships in Monterrey, Mexico, in front of 12,000 fans.

“It is a great honor to be inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame. I was truly humbled when I found out. To be recognized by this great organization and to be in the company of so many great masters is an unforgettable experience,” 

-Sensei Sweigart.

 One of Sensei Sweigart’s most personal experiences was during his attendance at the 2008 World Championships at the Budokan in Tokyo, Japan. While visiting family he learned that his grandmother was “Bushi,” or Samurai. “I have always been fascinated with the way of the samurai,” says Sensei Sweigart, “and now, with this connection, I feel it is my destiny to continue to educate students.” Sensei Sweigart would like to acknowledge the support of his wife, Tende, his Sensei, Hanshi Julius Thiry, and his friend, Sensei Eugene Tibon. He also thanks the students, parents, and friends that make up his Dojo family.

For more information about Sensei Charles Sweigart or the Lakewood Dojo, please visit their website at http://lakewooddojo.com. For press inquiries contact Kamatoy Media Group via email or 619-573-9456.

Blog This Episode 3: Special Report on SBA Loans "East Village Tavern & Bowl"

New Video! East Village Tavern & Bowl with Dan Hurd, Craig G. Francis

San Diego,CA -
 David Kamatoy sits down with Dan Hurd, co-founder of the East Village Tavern & Bowl, to talk about the success of the business and how this successful tavern, sports bar, and bowling alley was funded by an SBA-guaranteed loan. The Tavern is the opposite of a traditional bowling alley in that it's a tavern/sports bar first and a bowling alley second. The video also includes footage of lines coming out of the door on a fight night, the venue packed on a game day, and interviews with patrons and staff. 

"The idea behind SBA Loans can be somewhat flat out of context. We decided to profile a dynamic successful business so that entrepreneurs can see what's possible within the context of the SBA Loan program, hopefully find some inspiration. The East Village Tavern & Bowl is a great example of how a good idea can come together with team, credit, property, and align with an SBA Loan." -David Kamatoy, Blog This with David Kamatoy

The East Village Tavern & Bowl has become part of the landscape in downtown San Diego, expanding the size of the bowling alley in order to accommodate the growing patronage. Just recently, at the end of 2009, the owners opened their newest location in Chula Vista, CA, East Lake Tavern and Bowl. This growing, unique brand contributes part of its success to SBA-guaranteed loans brokered by Craig G. Francis.

"East Village Tavern & Bowl was unique. I've always liked working with restaurants because while there are great risks there are great rewards, and Dan had already proven his business model." says Craig G. Francis, SBA Loan Broker.

SBA Loan Broker Craig G. Francis joins the conversation in the second half of the interview to discuss the elements of why he likes working with restaurant projects and how he was able to help faciliate these projects. 

The SBA Loan Special Report can be seen at DavidKamatoy.comand CraigGFrancis.com, as well as on Viddler and YouTube in HD. For more information on East Village Tavern and Bowl visit BowlEVT.com 

"Blog This" With David Kamatoy Kicks Off First Show Episode 01

Entrepreneur/Entertainer Explores New Possibilities


San Diego, CA - Entrepreneur, Marketing Master, and Entertainer David Kamatoy kicks off his new online program, "Blog This," with a look at the Internet, technology, and theater. This first in a new series of video programs sets a tone for an irreverent look at information, technology, and "whatever we feel like covering."  In the inaugural webisode, David Kamatoy discusses blogging and tweeting, reviews some of the new smart phones, and looks back at opening night of a local production of August Wilson's "The Piano Lesson."

"Blog This" is targeted at entrepreneurs, entertainers, and e-marketers...


"Blog This" is targeted at entrepreneurs, entertainers, and e-marketers, but provides enough information and entertainment to keep any Internet video watcher coming back for more.  David Kamatoy begins his first episode with an explanation of blogging and how it relates to video blogging, podcasting, and traditional media.  One of the goals of "Blog This" is helping people better understand the role of blogging in promoting businesses and projects.  The program itself is very much in a blog format.  "What's unique about the content of this show is that it's literally going to be on random formats," says creator and host David Kamatoy.  The focus of the show will be on content, but presented in a variety of ways to reflect the ecclectic format of blogs.

 One of the goals of "Blog This" is helping people better understand the role of blogging in promoting businesses and projects.  The program itself is very much in a blog format. 


In his technology section, David Kamatoy looks at and compares the Palm Pre, the Nexus One, the Blackberry 8330, and the iPhone.  More than just comparing, he delves into some of the plusses and minuses of both the various phones and their carriers.  David Kamatoy provides his own particular take on the good, the bad, and the just plain strange of these smart phones and their technology, and gives some advice on when to get into smart phones.  There are also short discussions of the new Google "Buzz" and the new Facebook format.


David Kamatoy finishes up this episode of "Blog This" with his video interviews of Mark Christopher Lawrence (NBC's "Chuck") and other members of the cast of the Cygnet Theatre production of August Wilson's Pulitzer Prize-winning play, "The Piano Lesson."  Much of the footage was filmed during the opening night celebration, held at Cafe Coyote in San Diego's Old Town area, with clips from the play interspersed among the interviews.


"Blog This" can be seen at DavidKamatoy.com,  Viddler and YouTube. Interested parties please send press releases, and contact Kamatoy Media Group at 619-573-9456.

Blog This With David Kamatoy Episode 1

  • What is A Blog?
  • Smart Phone War
  • Mark Christopher Lawrence August Wilson's "The Piano Lesson"

David Kamatoy- Host

Steve Dahl- Voice Over

Shawn Rover-Production Manager

DP- Bruce Ando Jr. (The Piano Lesson)

Stephen Prendergast-Writer, Photography

Piano Lesson Cast Members:Mark Christopher Lawrence, Laurence Brown, Monique Gaffney, 

Antonio "T.J." Johnson, Maritha Hornbuckle, 

Sometimes Juggling Is One Thing At A Time...

I have this working theory on multi-tasking and/or juggler that comes into play doing certain tasks. While having to deal with multiple tasks it's important to take the time to focus on ONE in order to complete it. 

If you are a juggler by nature, an entrepreneur, an artist then starting a NEW project is your natural state. While your unnatural state is completion and in order for you to be respected and accomplished you must complete tasks.

In the last few months and more specifically the last few weeks I have had some serious problem solving that was happening subconsciously. So while I was trying my best to get a lot of work done. It was exceptionally hampered by not being able to complete certain projects because resources were not available. 

We have entered into a "Hurry up and wait." mode in the last few months on several projects out of our control. The good news is that some of that is finally breaking free. 

The reason I bring this is up is that while some of that is breaking free I find myself completing tasks that I could have completed weeks ago but because subconsciously I had unfinished projects weighing on my Psyche they didn't happen. 

The juggling lesson: OVERWHELM can sometimes be a subconscious as well as a conscious condition. The conscious version is much more overtly stressful where as the subconscious version is  sort of frustrating and confusing.


I thrive on multiple screens, browsers and applications. However in some instances like editing video, music, developing a new skill set I must FOCUS. I often create and handwrite a short list. Literally the next 1-5 tasks that have to be done in order.  I try to feel better as I cross them off the list.

What happens to me naturally is that I start writing down the BIG items. The problem is that LARGE TICKET items are rarely what is directly next. Making a few phone calls, returning emails, Writing the first draft of a press release. These are doable next tasks within the period of a day, an hour, etc. 

If you keep writing down big ticket items like....

" Raise a billion dollars"

" Become a millionaire."

"Write Novel" -deadline today

This can become a bit of a problem. 

Summary:Overwhelm can happen both consciously and subconsciously. Help yourself by learning to shorten your to do list to its most specific next step and learn how to acknowledge the completion of those steps. In addition try to limit your distractions. Find variations on the formula to get stuff done. 

+ Close Email

+ Close Twitter and Social Media

+ Open only the program your working in. 

+ Try music with no lyrics , classical, jazz, 

+ Take short breaks often to take a walk, lay down, stretch, etc. 

David Kamatoy is a juggler both figuratively and literally. As a multi-disciplined artist he has juggled in and musically directed a circus while helping to build dozens of businesses. As a student of Hypnotherapy he is also a student of successful traits. David is working on "Lessons From A Juggler"  sporadically as time allows. Please comment or if you have something to contribue he can be reached via the blog at http://davidkamatoy.com  

Sen. Robert Menendez wants direct lending for small business from the SBA.

The following is an interview with SBA loan broker Craig G. Francis.

In a letter dated Dec 14th, 2009, Sen. Robert Menendez urged President Obama and House Majority Leader Harry Reid to support a bill that would allow the SBA to provide $20 billion in direct lending to credit worthy businesses. This would supplement a plan to provide TARP funds to local banks for lending. That letter can be reviewed here.


CraigGFrancisSquare  I wanted to take a moment to discuss this suggestion with Craig G. Francis, an SBA and Commercial Loan broker who has placed over 2500 loans for about a billion dollars.

David Kamatoy: There has been a lot of noise lately regarding small business lending because the banks are afraid of making "bad loans," and so they are not lending with the same frequency. The challenge is that the economy needs jobs, and jobs are predominately created by small businesses. Especially at a time when large companies are essentially "streamlining" their businesses in order to be profitable. What is your initial impression of Sen. Robert Menendez's letter?


Craig G. Francis: I think the senator is well meaning but, being a liberal, he thinks that giveaways are the answer. Grants and direct loans, a form of fiscal welfare, generally results in little gain and frequently result in a loss to the lender or grantor.  SBA's history is full of direct loans and their terrible payment record. I have heard numbers ranging up to 40-50% in loan losses.


David Kamatoy: How important is the creation of jobs by small businesses?

Craig G. Francis: There is nothing more important than Small Business (SB) job creation.  If we don't have jobs, WHAT DO WE HAVE????   A 3,000,0000 sq mile piece of land populated by 300,000,000 homeless people.


David Kamatoy: The administration seems to be running focus groups with the wrong people, that is Big Business rather than Small Business. How do they reach out to the small businesses?


Craig G. Francis: Focus groups do absolutely nothing.  Even with the right people giving you the answers you want, you can't lead by polls and focus groups.  The marketplace will tell you what is going wrong or right.  If the politicians don't understand the problems, focus groups will not help. Unless you are trying to create a SPECIAL OLYMPICS  for ill-informed politicians who don't have a clue but want a gold medal for doing nothing, focus groups are a self-serving waste of time.


David Kamatoy: I think a lot of people think that the SBA is already a direct lender. Explain the difference between an SBA Guaranteed Loan vs. Direct Lending?


Craig G. Francis: An SBA loan is a bank loan guaranteed by the SBA. It is somewhat similar to FHA and VA loans.  A direct loan from the SBA is funding directly from that division of the federal government to borrowers, usually in the form of a disaster loan. The SBA used to make loans directly to businesses in the 1960 and 1970 time period. The repayment of those loans was very poor, so the SBA got out of direct lending.

David Kamatoy: What are the pros and cons of the SBA doing direct lending?


Craig G. Francis: There are no pros for direct SBA lending.  It is a loser from the start since the SBA is not set up to provide direct loans, and it would be a disaster to ask them to do this when their main mandate for the last 30 years has been to underwrite and guaranty bank loans.  Imagine the fallout and blowback if the SBA started down this path.  People would be lined up down the street for this welfare loan.  Who gets the loan? Who is declined?  What credit standards are used?  For 30 years SBA has relied on the banks to do the underwriting, trusting banks to the point that the lender could approved SBA loans without direct oversight through the PLP (preferred lender program).  The SBA is more of an advocacy plan with some internal loan approvals that have been thoroughly  vetted and underwritten by the submitting banks.


David Kamatoy: The other Catch 22 is that SBA loans seem to work best with established businesses vs. new businesses. So a lot of new or "forced entrepreneurs" are not likely to look at an SBA Loan. What are the options for a new business?


Craig G. Francis: There are many options for startup businesses.  Cash, Bank of Mom/Dad, investors, partners, and, potentially, an SBA loan are good sources of funds for start ups.  The banks are quite restrictive in startup loans, as the economy is poor for this type of enterprise when businesses are closing by the thousands due to lack of sales.  Drive down any commercial street or walk through a mall to see empty stores and more coming.

While it may seem counterintuitive to start a business in a very depressed economy, the intrepid entrepreneur can find a niche and fill it -- but only if they do substantive research into the business model and careful construction on plans and projections.  This planning makes it possible for the startup to enter a business field when others are leaving a business vacuum.  I've done several startups this year, but they have had extremely solid underpinnings.  This economy is very different from past recessions, and I would not suggest that someone start a business without a lot of capital and a very well-researched business plan. Another way to look at it is this: Would you go out and play Tiddly Winks in a free-fire zone.


David Kamatoy: What is the ideal established business that should be looking at an SBA Loan?


Craig G. Francis: I would not exclude any business, including restaurants, hotels, construction and other types of high-risk business, from expansion today. There is no single industry that is most favored, and there is no single industry that is excluded from financing -- if the circumstances are right for that business.


David Kamatoy: What are the best uses by a business of an SBA Loan?

a. New Location

b. Buy Property

c. Expand operations

Craig G. Francis: Any situation that demands funding is the 'right' use of funds.  Loan types range from startups and expansion to capital for inventory, labor, material, equipment and leaseholds, and business purchases.  If the specific business situation demands it, these capital uses are the right funds for the business.  Even buying commercial owner/user real estate, particularly at depressed values purchased with the lowest cost funds we have experienced in 50 years, is frequently a wise use of capital.


David Kamatoy: It seems to me that the lending of money to small businesses via a bank is still the way to go. How do we get the message out to the business owners, and how do we convince banks to lend the money?


Craig G. Francis: The question can't be answered easily.  Banks are whipsawed by the worst economic and fiscal situation of the last 80 years. Banks loan losses are causing bank takeovers on a daily basis.  Banks that are still lending are cherry picking to conserve capital and make sure loans are solid and sound. Many banks are prohibited from lending regardless of the quality of the deals, since they are under cease and desist orders from the FDIC.  Banks are completely and extremely aware of the dire economic situation that faces business owners.  They are very reluctant to make bets with bank funds to small businesses, the most vulnerable of borrowers.  And the Feds are making it abundantly clear that the banks are NOT to take undo risks in light of capital requirements imposed by the new regulatory rules, such as marking assets and loans to market.
Notwithstanding Obama's jawboning and attempted moral suasion to goad banks to make more loans, banks will not sign a suicide pact with the government to make unsafe loans. They did plenty of those loans for the last 30 years under the Community Reinvestment Act and other government regulations designed to compel banks to make loans to unqualified people and businesses.  The banks are making a stand against this now.

The business community is very aware of the lack of borrowing and loans today, simply by the fact that they read the papers and magazines about this subject.  If they are borrowing, and that element of the business financing is down substantially, they know the road is bumpy and often impossible to pass. If the firm is not in first-class condition, the request will be turned down.  This is a vicious cycle and a self fulfilling prophecy, because the banks are being  hammered from all directions -- as is the SB community.  I think this cycle is going to have to work itself out in time, coupled with the slow upward progression of economic activity. It is like a winter thaw.  It will come, but slowly.


David Kamatoy: You have actually been successful in the recent tight economy in placing SBA loans for your clients. How different is it?


Craig G. Francis: I can place loans for clients who have solid credentials such as a good cash flow, a solid business plan, better than average FICO score, primary and secondary collateral in abundance, lack of excess debt, and good personal and business capital balances.  These businesses are not as commonplace as they used to be since the home values have dropped, sales are down, and profits are impacted by rising costs and shrinking revenues.  This is a Depression  by any other name and could have been as bad as the 1929 crash if it was not for the  $1,000,000,000,000 of federal funding dumped into the banking system and economy to help staunch the blood letting.  We are not a healthy economy by any means, since unemployment ranges as high as 18%. Until employment and SB hiring resume, we will be in this rough patch for a few more years.  The consumer and SB community are not healthy and won't be for a while.


David Kamatoy: How do you work with business owners that want to apply for SBA Loans?


Craig G. Francis: I am a loan processor and loan broker, with all that the process implies  It is a simple and workable model.  I work with the applicant to find out their loans needs, help them package and process the loan, and then target banks I think will fund this loan.


David Kamatoy: Do you have any other thoughts or advice to small business owners during these challenging economic times?


Craig G. Francis: If a person has a day job, keep it!!  If you have a business, keep it!!!

If you want to start a business, BE ABSOLUTELY SURE the business will survive these lean times and thrive in good times.  If a person spends 4 years to get a college degree, then for heaven's sake, the proto-entrepreneur should spend AL LEAST 1-2 years studying their intended field, involving themselves in the specific skills sets of that industry and business ownership, accumulating equity down payment, bringing in their personal brain trust, and making sure they START THE FINANCING  process before they commit funds to the actual startup, signing leases, or spending large amounts of funds prepaying franchise fees and other prepaid expenses. 

There is a classic statement that typifies a business owner: READY, FIRE, AIM!  That is the usual modus operandi of a AAA-type entrepreneur.  This is not the time for that reflexive action.

Ask yourself how Warren Buffet would approach the business.  He has a $20,000,000,000 checking account.  He does his homework before he writes the check.  And he is one of the wealthiest men in the world.  Want to make a small fortune in this life?  Don't start with a large one and blow it.  Do your homework!!!

Make haste slowly


David Kamatoy: Thank you, Craig.


Craig G. Francis: A pleasure, David.



Craig G. Francis is the owner of Francis Financial and The SBA Loan Store. He has been a top producer of SBA Loans since 1981, and has worked with Dun & Bradstreet and Bank of Commerce. Craig Francis has the expertise to steer clients through the often confusing rules and regulations associated with SBA Loans, having helped over 2,000 businesses acquire over a billion dollars in loans. He can be contacted through CraigGFrancis.comSBALoanStore.com or at 888-666-9722.

-Editor Stephen Prendergast

EEI News Podcast 11.20.09 Entertainment Entrepreneurship Internet Marketing

Coronado, CA- DavidKamatoy.com first podcast via chroma-Key green-screen. This is a test of a green screen format that intends to be a regular event. So it's a little rough around the edges. Same babble as on the news section of the LiveStream Show... Enjoy!

Hey so check this out... Looks cool and now we will improve the format.

Articles Mentioned...

Why Global Entrepreneurship Matters

Promotional Event Leads to Violence in Paris 

The Governors Awards: On the scene at Oscar's special honors

Thanks for the views and please comment both on viddler and the blog.

The end of the year challenge...

We are days away from Thanksgiving which also means that we are heading into a time when the prospect of "New Business" goes into hibernation. If you are part of the holiday season then you will be exceptionally busy. For the rest of us there is a point when you will start to get the...

"Sounds Great! Let's talk at the beginning of the year."

A lot of you may hang up the phone and then scream...

So instead of being blindsided by this phenomena get clear that this is going to happen and it's up to you to responsible for your activity during this downtime.

For extroverts and those driven by sales and interactivity this may be a very difficult time especially if you emotionally attach yourself to sales/money.

AN EXTROVERT STRATEGY: Use the holiday time to emotionally connect with would be and current clients. 

Use this time to get to know your database a bit. Ask important questions...

  • How did you do this year?
  • What kind of opportunities are you looking for in the new year, 2010?
  • What kind of skill sets do you have that I don't know about?
  • What kind of opportunity can I be on the look out for you in 2010?
  • Is there a proposal that I can prepare for you for the top of the year that can help you hit your goals?

You can do this as a series of phone calls and/or emails preferably using a jugglemail.

Using a jugglemail strategy: Create a well written email and track that email using the "Hot Prospects" Generator. Then pick up the phone and connect with the Hot Prospects and the Read email recipients. 

AN INTROVERT STRATEGY: Be meticulous about finishing up projects.

  • Websites
  • Email Newsletters
  • Landing Pages
  • Press Releases
  • Videos
  • Business Plans
  • Marketing Plans

During this dead-time there are most likely some great talented people sitting idle right now for you to hire or ask for help to get some of the long-overdue projects completed.

We are currently organizing our end of the year strategies based on these principles. 

We have a pile of content that has not been a priority but all extremely viable from conventions and events. We just shot 2 days of GREEEN SCREEN for ourselves and our clients that we have started post production on. While these may be completed during the end of the year we are really setting the table for the beginning of the year.

That being said please watch the blog as we build some great content over the next 6 weeks. If you want our assistance in creating some new media. email marketing, STUFF before the end of the year just contact us.

We will continue to update the blog with end of the year STRATEGIES....

Happy Holidays