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Multi Creative Entrepreneur, Juggler & Producer: TV, Radio, Photographer, DP, Cam Op,


David Kamatoy is a juggler both figuratively and literally. Known as a comedian/juggler predominately. He is the co-founder of an email marketing company. The other services are implemented via the Kamatoy Media Group.

David is currently producer on The Big Biz Show, hosted by Bob "Sully" Sullivan, is a nationally syndicated radio and TV show that talks current business, entrepreneurship and lifestyle-related issues with the movers and shakers in the business world. It’s a laid-back approach to serious business issues with comedic commentary. The television show is broadcast on the Biz TV network, Tivo and via the internet on Ustream and Roku. The radio version of the show can be heard on the Armed Forces Network, BTRN, and CBS Radio. The show is heard in eight of the Top 10 markets and 36 of the top 50.

Working with start up and emerging companies for over a decade from coaching, consulting, executive management and investor relations.

Stuff David has juggled...

Media Production, Video, Behind The Scenes (BTS), Point of Purchase Displays, HDSLR DP, Consultant, Coach, Writer, Actor, Tenor, Juggler, Musical Director, Piano Player, Email Marketing, Social Media...

“You can’t learn to juggle without dropping it’s impossible. You can’t start a business without making mistakes, it is impossible. Mastery comes from accepting the process of mistakes, being committed to success and having persistence.” -David Kamatoy, juggler


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